Responsive Dialog Screen Width and Height

Although SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 has been the talk of the town, dialog programming is still popular and widely used. Thus, we must ensure it is displaying appropriately as well. It is obvious that desktop applications are not meant to have responsive design similar to mobile and web applications, however we can still control its screen width and height and resize automatically according to your machine’s screen size.

When a developer is developing using a machine in lower resolution, they will set the width and height according to their screen size. But when a user is using the applications in higher resolution machine, it will result in the display having empty space at the right side and bottom as shown below.


In order to maximize the space being used, there’s some work to be done. First, go to screen attributes tab and adjust the editing rows/columns as shown below.

Next, go to Screen Painter by clicking Layout button. Once Screen Painter has been loaded, drag the Custom Control to the Screen Painter (1) and adjust the length and height (2) as shown below.

Double click on the Custom Control you just created, and the popup as shown below will be displayed. Tick the checkbox and adjust the numbers as shown below.

Activate the screen. Once these steps are completed, the application’s width and height will resize according to the user machine’s maximum screen width and height.