Table Maintenance

In order to make changes to custom table entries such as insert, update or delete without using a custom program, we need to create a table maintenance. Table maintenance can be generated via Table Maintenance Generator, accessible via transaction code SE11.

First, go to transaction code SE11 to create a custom table. At the Delivery and Maintenance tab, Data Browser/Table View Editing, choose Display/Maintenance Allowed as shown below.

After maintaining the fields required according to requirements at Fields tab and activated this custom table, go to Utilities -> Table Maintenance Generator as shown below.

Maintain details below to create the table maintenance.

  1. Authorization Group: Set to &NC& if authorization is not required. Certain companies have their own authorization group setup. Thus, please refer to each companies’ development standard.
  2. Function group: This is required for each table maintenance and ensure it is activated.
  3. Maintenance type:
    1. One step (for one screen to input all data)
    2. Two step (for an additional screen to input one data at a time)
  4. Maint. Screen No.: Generally, I’d start with 9000.
  5. Recording routine:
    1. Standard recording routine (any entries changes will trigger to save to a transport request)
    2. No, or user, recording routine (any entries changes will not trigger to save to a transport request. Thus, manual input is required for all systems for example DEV, QAS and PRD)
  6. Click create button to create the table maintenance.

Once this is created, you can go to transaction code SM30 to maintain the entries.