Transport Core Data Services (CDS) Views System Alias

Often, after developers added the OData service and system alias for the CDS view, and transported to the next system, they noticed system alias is not transported. This is often overlooked because when we add an OData service, system will trigger to save to a transport request. However, for system alias, it will not. We have to perform additional steps to tag to a customizing transport request.

First, we will create a simple CDS view in Eclipse.

This warning shows the OData service to expose this CDS view is not created.

Go to transaction code /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE and click Add Service.

Input the System Alias, Technical Service Name of the created CDS view, and then click Get Services. Select the relevant backend services and click Add Selected Services.

Choose a package to save to and press Enter.

Select/create a workbench transport request to tag to. Click back to the previous screen and click on the created Service Catalog. Next, click the Customizing button.

Click the Change button.

Press Enter for this prompt.

Choose the assigned System Alias and click Table View – > Transport.

Select/create a customizing transport request and tag to it. Provide a meaningful name to the transport request description.

Click Include in Request.

Click Save.

The system alias will be tagged to a customizing transport request. Release this customizing transport request to be transported to the next system.

Once transported to the target system, go to transaction code /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE and click Load Metadata. That’s all for the steps to transport system alias.